Natural Stone
Beauty created in nature and crafted into inspired design.

YMSW combines curiosity, passion and innovation to create a unique working environment where new discoveries in stone can be unleashed for the architect and designer. Over the past 10 years we have reengineered the global supply process from the ground up to ensure consistent quality and delivery of our materials. This process opens possibility in custom stone design and finish while staying focused on what is important - the maximum result at the most cost effective price. We take pride in our continuous innovation for our clients.


Our Stone: Preto CarvaƵ Basalt
This rich black igneous rock is characterized by a medium grain size which displays a subtle patterning and depth of color when honed, polish...


Journal: Part 2: An American in China
Richard Campbell is the Vice President of Operations for Yellow Mountain StoneWorks. During his tenure, Richard has grown our China-based tea...