About Us

Yellow Mountain StoneWorks is a global leader for sourcing and customizing natural stone.

Throughout time, original thinkers – from Da Vinci to Dyson – have been inspiring change through their passion to make every day experiences better. This passion lives at the heart of Yellow Mountain Stoneworks.

Our unique approach includes:

  • Reengineering a global supply process from the ground up - increasing the ability for our clients to confidently and cost effectively customize projects.
  • Regularly working with our clients to generate new product options and textures to support their specific project needs. We are constantly finding new tools and techniques that unlock new properties and textures in stone.
  • Openly communicating with the project team encouraging collaboration and further innovation to be generated throughout the process.

We aspire to inspire – through our products, our expertise, and our delightful personalities.

John Williams
John Williams Owner/President
“The combination of engineering and artistry that is used in stone fabrication is awe inspiring. I am regularly humbled when I see the century’s old stone structures in China and elsewhere in the world. I am excited to think that we are enabling new monuments – personal and public – for others to enjoy.”
Nicole Gelpi
Nicole Gelpi Owner/Director of Marketing
“The most satisfying part of my day is when I can work with a designer to unlock new possibilities – something beautiful that neither of us have previously imagined, but is perfect for the project.”
Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell Director of China Operations