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Ink Jade Limestone®

Ink Jade Limestone® is a robust limestone that responds beautifully to a variety of hand finishes. If utilized in its natural, weathered state from the quarry or processed to a more refined hand finished paver, it makes for an elegant landscape stone. The subtle white veining that occurs in approximately 20% of the block can be storied on a vertical surface providing for a stunning feature wall. The minimal mica content causes the surface patina of the limestone to sparkle in bright light.

Suggested Uses

Interior flooring, feature wall, exterior paving and veneer.

Most Popular Finishes

Honed: Counter-tops, flooring, veneer, architectural details
Lychee or Adze: Exterior paving, stair treads
Mushroom or Pineapple: Exterior veneer, cubic fabrication
Antique Corduroy: Exterior veneer, paving

Standard Test Data

Density (lbs/cf): 165.43
Water Absorption %: 0.14
Compressive Strength (Wet) PSI: 18,850
Compressive Strength (Dry) PSI: 20,880
Flexural Strength (Wet) PSI: 4,321
Flexural Strength (Dry) PSI: 4,698
Abrasion Resistance Index: 32.20

Product Descriptions

Projects that Feature this Stone

Project%20redmond%20thumb%20-%20%20featured%20image Redmond Campus 1%20%20via6%20entrance A Contemporary Jewel Box