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Antique Corduroy
Antique Pineapple


Redheart Limestone®

Redheart Limestone® illustrates an unusual combination of warm and cool tones - predominantly burgundy and hints of caramel but with some grey green veining - highlighted by occasional fossil deposits. A favorite of landscape architects, Redheart Limestone® develops an elegant and rich patina when honed or antiqued.

Suggested Uses

Counter-tops, exterior paving, veneer and stair treads/risers

Most Popular Finishes

Honed: Counter-top, interior paving, veneer
Lychee or Adze: Exterior paving, stair treads
Mushroom or Pineapple: Exterior Veneer
Corduroy: Exterior paving, veneer

Standard Test Data

Density (lbs/cf): 166.06
Water Absorption %: 0.17
Compressive Strength (Wet) PSI: 18,270
Compressive Strength (Dry) PSI: 20,445
Flexural Strength (Wet) PSI: 1,595
Flexural Strength (Dry) PSI: 1,784

Product Descriptions

Projects that Feature this Stone

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