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Preto Carvaõ Basalt

This rich black igneous rock is characterized by a medium grain size which displays a subtle patterning and depth of color when honed, polished or water jetted. Basalt is formed from volcanic action and lava flows, which contribute to its uniform and consistent appearance. Deposits are harvested in large hexagonal columns, hence limiting the size for example of pavers, which are available up to 30" x 30" for full container orders. Larger pieces may be available on a limited basis.

Suggested Uses

Pavers, treads/risers, interior veneers, wall caps, coping and cubic fabrication.

Most Popular Finishes

Honed or Polished: Counter-tops
Lychee, Adze, Thermal or Sand-blasted: Pavers, veneers, stair treads, architectural details
Cleft or Mushroom: Exterior veneer
Water Jet: Water features, paving

Standard Test Data

Density (lbs/cf): 185.38
Water Absorption %: 0.61
Compressive Strength (Wet) PSI: 17,215
Compressive Strength (Dry) PSI: 16,382
Flexural Strength (Wet) PSI: 6,034
Flexural Strength (Dry) PSI: 5,366

Product Descriptions

Projects that Feature this Stone

Kirk%20trans%20center%20featured%20thumb Kirkland Transit Center Hoke%20residence%201 Northwest Portland Residence Reflection%20pool%20-%20preto%20carvao%20basalt Myriad Gardens
Vera%20katz%20featured%20image Vera Katz Park Project%20thumb%20-%20featured%20image Portland Festival Streets