Harborside Fountain Park

Bremerton, WA

A landscape architect turned to YMSW for a cost effective solution to pave 17,000 square feet in this waterfront park, part of a multiphase redevelopment in the City of Bremerton.

After helping the interested parties agree on a color palette, YMSW went to work configuring the material to optimize installation. Although the client initially favored a European cobble with a rustic, irregular look, that product was both costly and posed a potential tripping danger, which might limit compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Keeping to an aggressive schedule, YMSW worked with the general contractor, design team, and City of Bremerton to engineer a material that gave the desired color and efficiency while still delivering the aesthetic.

YMSW suggested fabricating granite pavers 50% larger than the standard 9"x7", which was appropriate for the scale of the paved area. Reducing the number of pavers needed significantly reduced installation costs.

Stone Used

0205-gr64%20frosty%20plum Frosty Plum Granite